Les Puisatiers Caron Inc. has several decades of experience in the installation of artesian wells.


Extensive expertise in artesian well installation

Les Puisatiers Caron Inc. specializes in the installation of residential or commercial artesian wells . With years of experience in the field, we offer proven expertise in the assessment and installation of your artesian well. This type of well works by drawing water from the faults of a rock.

Depending on the nature of the soil, the drilling could be carried out through a rocky basement to catch water in a sand or gravel deposit. Whatever the extent of the work to be carried out, we have the required technical and material means.


Choose qualified professionals

The installation of an artesian well is not limited to drilling. The selection and installation of a pumping system must also be thoroughly studied. Our experts are here to help you choose the type of installation that will meet your needs.

In addition to drilling a new well, we can also optimize the performance of an existing one. Do not hesitate to hire our services to renovate your artesian well. You can also call on our team to drill a geothermal well. Share your needs with us, we will come to your site to provide you with a detailed assessment.


The artesian well: the right choice

Artesian wells are attracting more and more owners owing to their reliability. Because of the low risk of contamination, this type of well is one of the safest when it comes to water purity. However, the drilling requires a high-level of technical skills and sophisticated equipment. Hence, it’s advised to hire an experienced professional for the job.

Les Puisatiers Caron Inc. is your preferred partner for your artesian well installation project. We offer a turnkey solution including drilling, pump installation and fitting.


Enjoy the many advantages of an artesian well

The installation of an artesian well ensures a water supply with the desired flow throughout the year. This type of well captures the naturally filtered water at depth. The water of an artesian well is isolated from the surface water by an impermeable layer that depends on the nature of the soil. This is beneficial as you won’t need to install a water treatment system.

Therefore, the work consists only of the drilling and the installation of a submersible pump. The latter will depend on the depth of the well and the desired water flow. We offer a wide range of submersible pumps.

Discover the different options in artesian well drilling.

Long-term involvement and expertise in well installation. Water well optimization and renovation.


Our services include:

  • Sale of submersible pumps
  • Installation of submersible pumps
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Hydrofracturing