Les Puisatiers Caron Inc. handles well drilling and well construction work.


Performing equipment at your service

Les Puisatiers Caron Inc. has several decades of experience in water well drilling. Specialists in residential and commercial wells, we offer a wide range of services. Do you have a well that no longer provides enough flow to cover your water needs ?

We put our expertise in hydrofracturing works at your service. Rely on the performance of our equipment to ensure the optimization of the water flow and pressure of a new or existing well. Share your groundwater supply concerns with us, we will offer you the right solution.


Go for a reliable, efficient and low-cost technique

Renovating an existing well using hydrofracturing is cheaper as compared to drilling a new well. On some types of soils, it is often necessary to help the water make its way through the sand or gravel deposits. Similarly, over the years, a well may dry up due to various obstructions. Hence, the benefit of hydrofracturing.

The technique involves unclogging groundwater veins by injecting thousands of litres of water at very high pressure. The result is obtained immediately after the work. Through the unclogging of water passages, your well provides the desired volume and flow in the long run.

If there is a drop in the water flow in your water well, do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.

Expert in hydrofracturing technique. Optimize the performance of your water well through hydrofracturing