Les Puisatiers Caron Inc. supplies you a water well of optimum performance thanks to the installation of a powerful pumping system.


Good pressure and good flow

The quality of the pumping system depends on the performance of your water well. Hence, it’s advised to leave the installation of your submersible pump to a professional like Les Puisatiers Caron Inc.

We have extensive experience and expertise in the installation of pumps for artesian wells. You can count on the skills of our team to install a system that will satisfy both the water flow and water pressure. Our technicians will assist you in selecting a submersible pump model depending on the depth of your well.


Discover a complete range of submersible pumps

Les Puisatiers Caron Inc. is a distributor of several brands of pumps for artesian wells. Thus, as loyal customers, you will benefit from a wide range of pumps from renowned brands. We guarantee the performance and reliability of your well's pumping system in the long run.

Let us handle your entire project from the drilling to the installation of the pumping system and the water tank. In addition to the quality of our work, we offer tailored solutions that meet your needs and budget.

To install the pumping system of your well, hire our experts.

Installation of all types of pumps Choose a high-performance and reliable submersible pump